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Do you know someone who had conquered cancer recently? After a life-changing event, like Cancer, many women don’t feel like themselves. Treatments, surgeries, stress, and healing have taken a toll. The body is different, life has changed. Things will never be the same, but life can still be great!

Loving our bodies, as women, is often a difficult job. It is even more so when experiencing life-altering events, like chemotherapy and surgeries. Our Contest and Reveal Event will include a makeover by an award-winning team who specializes in transformational makeovers and it will include an intimate conversation about body-image, self-love, and confidence with a professional.


5 female cancer survivors needed for an empowerment project

The lady we are looking for: You know what it means to feel helpless, feel the hopelessness, the body pain and the mental pressure of literally fighting for your life. You also know what it feels to fight like a champion, gain yourself back, learned about your survival methods and became a stronger woman. You know you beat cancer, you won the biggest battle in your life, but rarely look in the mirror and think, “I am Beautiful, and I am enough”. You might not feel ready, but inside, you deeply desire to do something just for yourself

We are a team of ladies whose life has been touched by people who had cancer. We decided to make a change and celebrate the real champions of our community. We are offering these transformations because we need beautiful souls to empower other women to love and accept themselves regardless of their age, shape or negative thoughts of themselves after cancer. We are all beautiful and we deserve to have beautiful photographs of ourselves to remind us of our light from within. We will be choosing five lucky ladies to receive a $925 gift voucher towards their own personal luxury portrait and empowerment experience.


…It was as though she somehow knew not only my personality and character but also could see them through the eyes of my 45 year partner and love…

Alison H.

…By the time I walked out the door I felt incredible, every woman deserves to feel this way…

Caitlin D.

…I started feeling more glamorous than anything! …and Christina coaches you on exactly how to move and hold yourself…

Maureen P.

…Her lighting is so fantastic that my photos needed little to no touch ups…

Tina D.

…My session was beautiful and intimate. She made me feel so at ease. The shots she got of me is something I’ve never seen of myself…

Sophia D.



Christina Wehbe Studios

346 N. Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA
(630) 550-7516